ワシントン 1-2-10, Suntopia Street, Minami-machi, Mito, Ibraki, Japan

Cafe Washingtown

(Opening) Hours

Please enter if the porch light is on.

Notes For Visitors

Use of cell phones or any other electronic devices are not permitted within the premises.
Photography, video or audio recording of any kind is not permitted within the premises.
You may be refused entry if you wear strong fragrances and perfume including scented fabric softeners.
No entry if you are unduly intoxicated.
A group of three or more may be refused entry.
Talking out loud is strictly prohibited.
Posting the information about the café on SNS or online restaurant guides is not permitted.


1-2-10 Minami-machi, Mito City, Ibaraki 310-0021 JAPAN

Café Washingtown hosts screenings, plays and workshops at its adjoined space The Washintown Site. We do not currently take reservations except for these scheduled events. We have the porch light on when we are open. Please enjoy the once in a lifetime experience at The Washingtown.