We are pleased to announce that the Washingtown Contemporary Art Centre’s souvenir shop YAKUDI will be hosting an exhibition sale of full items from the Spring / Summer collection of BLAY: a new young line from Tokyo based ‘passion’ designer Burei Kawakupo’s label COMME des JAPONAIS. BLAY, a newly established line named after its designer, beautifully elevates the ordinary fashion items in our everyday life, from T-shirts, to face towels, to something like the burning passion of naked lovers running along the seashore. We sincerely hope that many of you will be thrilled to witness the birth of the most outrageous collection by Burei Kawakupo.    

    Burei Kawakupo / Passion Designer
    Initially moved to the UK to learn fashion in 2002, she declined to enter Central Saint Martens because of her realisation that it was everyday life that she needed to learn from. Based predominantly in Europe, Kawakupo went through a variety of jobs, while aspiring to establish her own fashion designing method. After moving back to Japan in 2013, she explored situations surrounding young fashion in suburban cities while working as a bar hostess in Shinbashi, Tokyo. What she found there were thousands of youngsters dressed up in similar garments in an age of material abundance. One afternoon, when she started to doubt the current state of young fashion, she heard someone shouting in the street nearby; “Now, what young people need is passion, not fashion!!”. Immediately inspired, Kawakupo founded the passion label COMME des JAPONAIS the following morning; the name of the brand meaning, “Let yourself be Japanese” in French. There is a belief that the ancient Japanese must have had a burning passion to embrace freedom, even though they were less materially blessed as we are now. “Don’t be afraid of loneliness and let yourself be impolite to society. This is the richest way of being human.” By chanelling these sentiments towards the younger generation, Kawakupo continues to disseminate her burning passion in the world today.      
    Official website: www.blay.tokyo       

    22 April – 1 May 2017
    15:00 – 18:00
    *Admission free
    3-2-20 Miyamachi, Mito-city, Ibaraki Japan
    enquiry: info@yakudi.jp
    YAKUDI HP: www.yakudi.jp

    Train: Take limited express Super / Fresh Hitachi on the Joban Line from Ueno Station in Tokyo to Mito Station.
    The ride takes around 1 hour.
    (¥3,820 usual, ¥4,220 holiday season)
    Highway Bus: Take the Joban Express Bus leaving from the Yaesu south exit bus terminal #3 at Tokyo Station. After riding the bus for approximately 110 minutes, get off at the Minami-machi 1-chome stop in Mito. (¥2,080)
    Car: Please use coin parking in the area of Cafe Washingtown.
    (¥500~900 per day)